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Harbron People

Recruitment services that are now firmly ingrained in our DNA
When it comes to recruitment expertise, our own CV couldn’t be more impressive...

It all started well over two decades ago when a family owned groundworks specialist, with aspirations to become a major player in the South West’s highly competitive construction industry, quickly began to establish a reputation.

Today, that reputation is not only well established, it continues to go from strength to strength.

That small groundworks contractor is now the Harbron Group of companies, a significant, well-respected and dynamic brand with a proud heritage.

There’s Harbron Home Improvements – the home of landscaping and outdoor transformation, the leading resin and artificial grass specialists in Devon and Cornwall, as well as the wider South West region.

We wanted it to strive to be the best, aiming to recruit our own team of in-house specialists that are the very best in what they do, who could make that vision happen.

With a lot of hard work and patience, we did just that! Litile wonder then that the Harbron slogan became ‘We know construction.’

The birth of niche recruitment specialist that grew to a heavy hiting all-rounder

Now that team of highly skilled construction talent was in place, we realised we had the necessary recruitment skills to find the right people for other companies too.

Harbron Recruit, a dedicated construction trades specialist was born.

Before long, it was the ‘go to’ recruiter for some of the industry’s most powerful names. They always demand excellence, so we made sure we did everything we could to deliver it.

Behind our sector specific recruitment consultant was a strong infrastructure:

We are a highly flexible and innovative group of companies too, operating a very diverse portiolio of services. It is how we make sure we are always evolving as a business.

In 2018, the Harbron Group also acquired Devon Matiers publishing house, a ten strong stable of A5 colour magazines, quite a departure for a construction specialist, but one that has proved extremely fruitiul.

Such was the response our company had to advertising in the magazine, we saw the potential and when the opportunity to purchase the publishing operation, we didn’t hesitate.

As both Harbron Home Improvements and Devon Matiers continued to go from strength to strength, there was only one route for our recruitment services to take to keep pace.

We focused on further growth to truly widen the scope of our client offering, ensuring it covered ALL the key industry sectors. That’s where we stand today – and it’s something we are extremely proud of!

Perhaps most importantly though, to us, and every member of the Harbron People Recruit team, delivering this level and scope of recruitment services isn’t just a job – it’s a true vocation.

It’s also about delivering an unbeatable client experience that has no peer - and a talent that cannot be equalled.