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Finding the right candidate for industry multiple sectors, we strive to take the job of recruitment consultancy to the ultimate level – every time.

A powerful, professional and unparalleled cross sector specialist – welcome to a new era in recruitment services, which is raising the bar for excellence and expertise for both candidates and employers.

Harbron People Recruit is currently enjoying a period of rapid growth, building on the solid and highly reputable foundations of its construction recruitment track record to offer the ultimate service, across the full scope of employment opportunities.

And we mean ultimate too...

  • One destination to bring together demanding employers and the talented employees they seek
  • One destination that showcases the very latest job opportunities from the public and private sector, helping countless candidates to turn their career aspirations into reality
  • One destination offering employers the kind of bespoke, dedicated and diligent support that always finds the right staff member for their specific needs leting them get on with the important job of running their business.

We also firmly believe It’s the ultimate destination for multiple industry sectors, including:

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We will not pass your details to any third party, information used for callback purposes only

We will not pass your details to any third party, information used for call back purposes only

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Matching the most demanding of employers - with the most in-demand candidates

In business, human resources are the most precious of assets. A company’s success can stand and fall on the quality and commitment of its employees.

That’s why it is so vital to do everything in your power to get your recruitment right. That’s some responsibility and here at Harbron People Recruit we like to think we recognise that betier than most.

That’s why a real focus of our service is to make sure we really help share that burden of responsibility with you, as well as devoting the same kind of energy to supporting our candidates.

Quite simply, whatever the industry sector, the scope of the job role and the skills set required, it’s about doing everything we can to find the perfect fit for both employee and employer alike.

Our Construction and Property recruitment services are now established as one of the leaders in the field, combining extensive industry knowledge and dedicated support from a team of well qualified consultants with the kind of niche skills that can root out the very best candidates for the job.

Now that team is expanding all the time, helping us to ensure that all our consultants are always equipped with the right recruitment skills to embrace the complete range of industry sectors. Harbron People Recruit, the ultimate recruitment specialist offering the ultimate recruitment solution.

Harbron People